A New Year


A New Year


We're officially 2 weeks into the new year. If you haven't broken your New Year's resolution by now, you're most likely in the clear. This year, I was unable to set intentions, create a vision board, set goals or do any of the "traditional" New Year's preparations. Just 4 days after my birthday and a mere 3 days before New Year's Day, I was in a serious car accident. It totaled my car and left me visibly shaken. But it did not shake my resolve.

Prior to the crash, I made plans for 2018. I decided to pursue my entrepreneurial goals full-time. I was going to march into 2018, guns blazing, and demand it give me what I wanted. I even prayed about it. I was certain God would provide all the resources needed to commit myself to my new goal. So how did I instead end up without a car? It seemed like 2018 was gearing up to be the exact opposite of what I'd hoped for.

Fortunately, the biggest lesson 2017 taught me was learning to trust. Learning to trust the process and have patience. Learning to trust others and love them without fear of being hurt. And most of all, learning to trust God, because it is the foundation of all good things. Trust is about believing even when you are uncertain of the outcome. So during this time of uncertainty, I am holding on to 2 things I know to be true -

1. No situation is permanent. It's easy to forget that hardships are temporary, especially when you're smack dab in the middle of dealing with them.

2. Major setbacks are setups for great comebacks. With every life-alerting event, you are transformed into a more equipped, better version of yourself (if you chose to react appropriately, of course).

Life has taken several more hard lefts in these 2 short weeks, but I still have faith. The vision that I had before the collision is alive and well and, thankfully, so am I.

What are some plans you unknowingly abandoned because you didn't believe in yourself or have trust? How can you reclaim them in 2018?

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