Last Daze of Summer


Last Daze of Summer

photography by F. Bassey

It feels like summer just began and yet it's almost over. When I was a child, I remember feeling like summer break was never long enough, hoping for longer and longer sunsets, dreading shorter and shorter days. There was always a sense of restlessness and urgency whenever it got to this time of year. I felt like I had to cram all of my fun - movie marathons, video game tournaments, extended pool hours - into the last few days left until Fall arrived and it was officially back to school.


Summers are hotter in the south. Denim shorts and tank tops were my summer uniform during my formative years. It wasn't until I grew older that I discovered the joys of layering and cold weather fashion. This summer, I adopted a new summer uniform - mini skirts and off the shoulder tops. 


Off the shoulder was probably the break out trend of the summer. Off the shoulder dresses, tops, button downs, and even jackets were on every streetstlye roundup. Everyone, including myself, couldn't get enough. I loved the trend so much, I tried to wear all my shirts and denim jackets off the shoulder. Sometimes it worked, seen here (white shirt is a Topshop button down and the black sweater is from 66 girls), and sometimes not so much.


I plan to wear this silhouette for as long as I can, swapping out denim jackets for trench coats and trading in cotton tops for heavier fabrics. But when it's finally too cold to sport the look and summer's last days have come and gone, hopefully this will be another summer uniform I look back on with good memories.