Hard // Soft


photography by FBassey

This is my favorite bad day tshirt. It says "No Worries Club Do Nothing 24/7". Words to live by. I've had a rough start to 2017, from major health scares to hard lefts in my career journey. But the lesson I'm learning and relearning every day is to be soft through all of it.

Remaining soft makes you more malleable, less prone to breakage. You don't shatter under life's many pressures and there is no scrambling to pull yourself together. Easier said than done, huh? Only after breaking many times against my circumstances, against my loved ones, and against myself, was I so worn down and tired that I finally gave in. No worries. Do nothing. 24/7.

FYI, by "do nothing" I mean don't flail helplessly. Here are some things you CAN do to remain soft when life gets hard: 

  1. Remind yourself that everything is temporary, the good as well as the bad
  2. Practice non-attachment
  3. Express your emotions, don't bottle them up (your body will thank you)
  4. Do something that you enjoy
  5. Embrace the good as well as the bad (life wouldn't be life without them both)
  6. Deep, intentional breathing (and lots of it)
  7. Recognize that all things come from God/Source and nothing can happen that isn't allowed