A Week at Work: Friday


A Week at Work: Friday

photos by F. Bassey


Working a traditional 9-5 isn't easy. In the current age of DIY and side hustles, most of the time a 9-5 is just your first full time job. That's why Friday's still excite me. It's the end of grinding for someone else and the beginning of strictly me time.

Even though I film for YouTube or shoot for my blog and Instagram most weekends, those are my choices. I enjoy doing this type of work - it's a labor of love. So when Friday rolls around, you can bet I'm all smiles.

When dressing for Friday, comfort is key. A dress with a longer hemline hides the fact that maybe you haven't shaved your legs since Monday (honestly, who cares?) and a pair of clean trainers keeps you light on your feet. Play with layering by wearing a short or long sleeve tee under your dress and add to the Casual Friday vibe.