Girl on the Go


Girl on the Go

photos by F. Bassey


Here in the United States, autumn/winter time is holiday season. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, cities come alive with people. Airports enter their busiest time of year as people make their way home to loved ones. Stores are filled with shoppers until the very last minute. Holiday party invites pour in and honestly, it gets hard to keep up with all the RSVPs. Being swamped with these holiday specific joys can be overwhelming. Regular day to day norms start to take a backseat. I cannot tell you how many times I've sat staring at my closet - on a day when I have no parties to attend, no dinners to host, no special occasions to celebrate - thinking, "what am I going to wear"?

Lately the short and sweet answer has been "monochrome". Especially all white. There is something so chic about wearing white during winter. It's reminiscent of fresh snow and a stark contrast to the all gem toned ensembles we'll been seeing (and wearing) this season.

If the all white look is not your style, don't fret! Opt for accessories in an organic contrasting color like black or nude. Complete with a simple shoe choice, like the trendy sock boot style. Now you're ready for any occasion, even the time spent between occasions.


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